Just us.

Two in general atypical people who are going a new path together.

Portrait Aylin


The master of socializing!

Aylin loves the exchange with other people. She goes through life openly and without prejudice and exudes a lot of positive energy.

She's the organizer, the woman with perspective and lists. When Aylin starts something, she is only satisfied when it is really good - a combination of strong ambition and a penchant for perfection drives her.

Her passion is sport. It doesn't matter whether it's volleyball, weight lifting, rugby or skating - as long as your muscles are sore the next day. I think her approaches to inclusion in and through sport are remarkable.

In the morning grumpy until the first coffee, this woman then convinces with a dreamlike smile, which has also become my undoing. The idea of this trip arose from her love of adventure.

Portrait Kim


The hungry master of hands-on mentality!

While I'm still writing and structuring lists, Kim has already done half of the work. Very much the 'Hamburger Jung', it is often said here: "Don't babble, let's hit it!".

So he doesn't shy away from trying new things and has agreed to walk this big and new path with me.

Kim's interest in politics, environment, social affairs, foreign cultures and much more is almost indescribable. When he's not eating (and he is all the time), he absorbs all the news and deals with a wide variety of topics. For example, he is currently working in great detail on the subject of aquaponics. Never heard of? Yes, exactly, thats what I mean!

Through Kim, I learn anew every day that not everything in life has to be planned and that sometimes it's better to just get started.