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We introduce ourselves. And our ideas.

On this blog we would like to give everyone who is interested the opportunity to follow us and our journey. In December 2020 we terinated our appartment in Hamburg and packed our backpacks. We would like to report authentically on the ups and downs of a backpacking trip during a global pandemic. We hope to entertain you, inspire you and maybe motivate one or the other to fulfill their dream. Best of all, you don't need a lot of money.

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Current travel reports:

Über den Wolken: Camping am Preikestolen

Above the clouds: Camping at Preikestolen

The Preikestolen is one of the country's top natural highlights. At a height of 600 meters, the rocky outcrop towers over the Lysefjord. We hike with all our ...

Wildcamping am Strand bei Farsund

Wildcamping am Strand bei Farsund

Völlig unerwartet landen wir bei Farsund an einem einsamen Strand. Perfekt um einige Tage direkt am Meer zu campen und die Ruhe zu genießen. Der Kyststien …

Work and Travel am Oslofjord

Work and Travel at Oslofjord

While we were sitting at the gas station the next day and just about to paint our sign, we were approached by a nice Norwegian woman and...

Travel during a pandemic

How to travel responsibly during an epidemic emergency? Here we want to clarify questions about health protection and share our experiences.

Sustainable travel without greenwashing

Together we have the chance to reinvent the culture of travel, to learn from each other how we can make our vacations sustainable. This blog article is intended to give you a holistic insight into the topic of sustainability and in particular to disclose the aspects and overlaps with travel.

Recipe ideas for the outdoor kitchen

So that you can enhance your next camping holiday with culinary delights, we went in search of the most popular cookbooks for the camping kitchen. With this varied list, you can safely leave the can of ravioli at home. Have fun cooking!

How to make money while traveling

Life's not a bed of roses. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. About our Work & Travel experiences

Groceries shopping during travelling

During travel, our purchases are a little different than when we have a permanent residence. How we manage the weight, calories and price of food and lump it all together...

Low-Budget travel

This is how we save a lot of money during traveling - which is invested in additional travel days.

Travel preperations

A well-prepared trip will save you from nasty surprises. There are a lot of things to consider. Here you can read about a chaotic household clearance, long lists and the love for adventure.

Time for change and the pursuit of happiness

Each of us knows this feeling: you are standing still and things are not going as smoothly as you would like. But you don't know exactly what's going wrong. You live from day to day, time passes, but the feeling remains. We both know that we like to be outside, like to travel and experience new things. However, before we changed our lives, we were not really aware that we are only really happy while we are dragging our backpacks through the landscape, the wind is blowing over the tent or the sun on the horizon is casting its last rays on the mountain peak. But with the first preparations, the search for the right equipment, the first hikes around Hamburg and on the Rhine, when we pitched our bright green tent in the forest for the first time while a simple one-pot dish was cooking in our Trangia cooker, we knew that we were on to something big.

Neither of us were big hiking, survival or bushcraft enthusiasts. Being outside, experiencing something new every day and getting to know people of all kinds means more to us than climbing the highest peaks, walking the longest distances or setting any kind of records. Being free every day, being happy, experiencing people and being able to decide where the journey is going according to your own needs is what is really important to us and has become an integral part of our lives. These are the things we were looking for and were able to experience on a 3-month long-distance hike through northern Germany or 7000km hitchhiking through southern Europe .

This travel blog is intended for all those who would like to follow our current phase of life and find out what you experience on a low-budget bagpacking trip. We share with you inspirations from everyday life, tips about natural travel and outdoor activities. Exciting couchsurfing experiences are documented, tips for safe travel and our outdoor equipment is put through their paces.

Sustainable living

not only means doing something good for yourself and the environment, it also makes you happy!


Save money in the right moments to get to know the culture and countries even more intensively.

People & culture

are exciting, colorful, multifaceted - and always an enrichment!


creates closeness and strengthens us - not only personally, but also in dealing with others.


accompany us for a lifetime and are of infinite value. A good investment!

Pur adventure

The unknown awaits us every day. A fact that takes some getting used to.